CT Scanner & Virtual Implant Software

CT scanner pic

A CT scan gives Three Dimensional diagnostic information that is the standard of care in implant technology.  It produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment efficiency and puts the power of precision in Dr. Pottorff’s hands.  You should not have an implant placed without one.  Dr. Pottorff has the newest state of the art digital CT machine by Sirona in his office.

Dr. Pottorff’s CT scanner emits 10 times less radiation to the patient than the machines traditionally used in medicine. You receive less radiation than if you spent 4 days at the beach in the sun!

What this means to patients who have chosen to replace missing teeth, is that now Dr. Pottorff can examine, diagnose and plan treatment with a level of accuracy not possible in the past.  This level of precision means fewer complications, less invasive therapy and quicker healing times for the patient.

Specifically, the 3D representation of the jaw seen on the CT scan enables Dr. Pottorff to see the patient anatomy available for dental implants.  He is able to work with an exact replica of the patient’s jawbone and gum tissue when choosing the size, location and angulation of the implant. Any procedures required to prepare the site for implants can be performed “virtually” on the computer using the dental cone beam tomography.  This software is accurate within a tenth of a millimeter and shows the implant in its ideal position.  Dr. Pottorff will show you on the computer where and how your implants are going to be!

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry now considers CT scan technology “the standard of care” for implant procedures.  In fact, The American Board of Periodontology and American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons advises the use of exact imaging and surgical guides for dental implant placement.  Unfortunately due to the great expense and training required to provide this service to patients, very few offices currently utilize CT scanning technology in their offices.