Get the Answers to Your Dental Crowns FAQsdental crowns faqs

Dental crowns are a common restorative dentistry procedure that walk the line between restorative and cosmetic. This procedure involves a shell of ceramic or porcelain being fitted around a tooth, covering it completely on all sides. Also called a cap, dental crowns are designed to be a permanent addition to your smile. Here are some of the most common dental crowns FAQs that we hear from our patients in Dundee.

What Does a Dental Crown Treat?

Dental crowns are frequently used to protect a tooth that has had a root canal, a tooth that is more prone to breaking due to a previous injury, or a single tooth that stands out from your smile due to discoloration or an unattractive filling. In these cases, the dental crown protects the tooth and makes it blend right in with the surrounding teeth.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Dental Crown?

To get a dental crown placed, you will need to visit your dentist in Dundee twice. The first visit involves a restructuring process that shapes your tooth for the crown, and an impression will be taken of the tooth so that the laboratory can make a perfectly fitted crown. You will have a temporary crown placed at this visit. The second visit involves placing the permanent dental crown and ensuring that it fits well and looks natural.

 How Do I Take Care of a Dental Crown?

One way to make sure that your dental crowns last as long as possible is to take care of them properly. The best way to care for a crown is to treat it like a natural tooth. Keep up your good brushing and flossing habits, and avoid foods that can stain, or lifestyle habits like tobacco use.

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