general dentistry FAQsGeneral dentistry is the umbrella term that covers the basic preventative dentistry procedures that most people get throughout their lifetimes. This term covers everything from your annual dentist check up to your daily brushing and flossing routine. These are some of the most common general dentistry FAQs that we answer in our office in Dundee.

How Can General Dentistry Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Bad breath is one of the most common complaints that any dentist hears. Proper brushing and flossing, including brushing or scraping the tongue, is important for getting rid of foul breath. However, stopping smoking, drinking more water, and using an antiseptic mouth rinse can also help.

How Often Should I Have a General Dentistry Checkup?

Most dentists recommend a checkup twice every year. Depending on your specific oral health care needs, we may recommend that you come in more often. It is important to at least visit your dentist in Dundee twice a year for regular cleaning, oral cancer screenings, and screening for gum disease.

Are My Old Silver Fillings Safe or Should I Seek Other General Dentistry Treatments?

There is concern in recent years that the silver fillings that were very common in the past are not safe, because they contain mercury. However, the American Dental Association does report that studies have failed to show any link between these fillings and any health concerns at all. If you are concerned about this type of filling, there are other types of fillings that we can suggest.

How Does General Dentistry Address Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth are another common issue that general dentists address. You can use a toothpaste that helps to desensitize teeth, as well as reduce your intake of acidic foods like citrus fruits. Your dentist may consider applying a desensitizing sealant if the problem is severe.

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