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“Dr. Pottorff has done 2 implants for me with the 2nd one I had moved out of state but drove back to have Dr. Pottorff do for me because of the great work he had done on the 1st tooth I didn’t want to have problems on the 2nd one. I highly recommend Advanced Dental & Implant Care.”

Mark S.

“Dr Pottorff did an implant for me and I really love the results. Office is very clean and staff is extremely professional. Dr. Pottorff is a very nice dentist- Very gentle, caring, and respectful. I strongly recommend this practice.”

Viola M.

“Outstanding service throughout the office from the receptionist desk through my procedure. I was scared to death to have several implants done but it was absolutely painless and I am thrilled with the results, Dr. Porttorff, and his entire team. If you are considering implants I would not hesitate and I highly recommend contacting Dr Porttorff.”

Richard M.

“Dr. Pottorff is wonderful. He is caring and takes his time to make sure that you understand everything he is doing and why he is doing it. My husband had a complicated case due to Parkinson’s and Dr. Pottorff always keeps my husband’s best interest in mind. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. His staff is friendly and knows their stuff! His implants look great and work even better!”

Lisa C.

“I can recommend this capable and virtually pain free practice very highly. The staff will make you welcome and fuss over you. Enjoy the service.”

Michael T.

“I’m a Dental-phobe No More

Have a really bad tooth? Maybe one or more missing? Afraid of the dentist? Maybe REALLY afraid of the dentist? That was me! Seriously, I was about as dental-phobic as they come. I used to be terrified of the dentist and an implant specialist even more so! I’m not anymore and my teeth are in great shape now thanks to Dr. Pottorff.

To my fellow dental-phobics, I really want you to know that you can let go of your fear and have some really great 21st-century dental care done. You don’t need to have missing teeth. You don’t need to be embarrassed to smile. You just need a good doc and I have one for you – Dr. Pottorff.

I’m serious about this. I’m taking the time to write this for the dental-phobic out there because I know what it’s like to be so afraid that tooth loss and missing teeth somehow seems reasonable. Right now, I have a couple of exceptional dental implants and I can tell you very honestly that I’m really happy I have them and they were far easier to have done then I thought with minimal discomfort and none of the terror.

When I went to see Dr. Pottorff I wasn’t in the best of shape. I had a missing tooth on the top and an infected tooth on the bottom that had a fractured root. An endodontist had assured me that tooth needed to go to. My shoulder and neck were aching from the infection. The two teeth were even opposing each other in my mouth so I was going to have a huge hole there if something wasn’t done.

The very best option was dental implants. My regular dentist referred me to Dr. Pottorff. YOU WANT A SPECIALIST FOR THIS WORK.

I tell you I was honestly amazed by my very first appointment. The 3D imaging they use really shows you what’s going on in your mouth. Dr. Pottorff walks you through your options and he truly understands and works with those of us with dental fear. He really went above and beyond for me. His staff was really friendly and wonderful to work with too. You can really feel the positive energy in his office. This is a place of healing.

When my big day came I was amazed at how well everything worked out. The doc put in my upper implant and got out that tooth with the fractured root and all that nasty infection. I actually needed a bone graft too and that was done at the same time. I know all that might sound terrifying to some but I was actually comfortable through it! I was given a pillow and blanket and a very mild sedative (I was worried about that too as phobic as I am but the sedative was nothing at all). For me, I experienced very little discomfort through all that work. I tell you again – YOU WANT A SPECIALIST FOR THIS WORK. I would have NEVER done that with a general dentist.

Afterward, for me, I had almost no pain following the procedures, very minor. The doc is thorough and does follow-ups while your implants heal. The crown for the implant came later and took less than 15 minutes to attach I think – nothing at all.

My second implant came later after the bone graph did its work. By that time I was actually looking forward to having the second implant placed and had total trust in Dr. Pottorff.

So, I wrote all this hoping to help those like me – the dental-phobic. I have to say though, after working with the doc, in his hands, I don’t think I’m phobic anymore. I trust him. He earned it with me. If you’re hesitant, please get your teeth fixed. Get a consultation at the very least to see what can be done for you by a true professional in dental implants. Dental health really is critical.

Thanks, Doc, I can smile as broadly as I like again.”

Bob C.

“I have been searching for a dentist in the area that truly cares about their patients and has finally found that in Dr. Chris Pottorff. He went above and beyond to make my experience a pleasant one, and is very conscientious in his work. I was happy to see that professionalism and care extend to all members of the staff. Linda the office manager is very friendly and has excellent follow-through, and Laura is a wonderful assistant to the doctor, making me feel very much at ease. This is definitely a great practice and I am happy to have found them.”

Shannon M.

“I just finished my implant done by Dr. Pottorff and I am very happy with the job, he was always paying attention during the whole procedure in order to make me feel important. The staff is very friendly and the facility very clean and large.

A very pleasant experience to be Dr. Pottorff ‘s patient.”

Iris Guerrero

“Most of my life I wouldn’t smile openly because I was missing teeth due to genetic factors. It has been a long process but now I have a gorgeous smile I always wanted! My dental implant experience at Advanced Dental & Implant Care has been exceptional. Working with Dr. Pottorff and his stuff has been a wonderful experience, and the results of their work have far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Pottorff was very kind, genuine and professional. He has truly made a difference in my everyday life. My teeth are beautiful and I can’t stop smiling!

Thank you to Dr. Pottorff and his wonderful staff for professional care!

Paula Zachowicz

“Dr. Potorff has a wonderful caring practice! I had two implants and I am nearly ready for the bridge and I am thrilled. The care was first rate all the way. I recommended him to my 90-year-old mother, who has special care needs, and she loves him, too. I have several implants and Dr. Potorff’s work is the best.

Virginia Beringer

“I have been going to Dr. Pottorff for many many years (too many to remember). I appreciate the fact that not only is he a great dentist and person. He takes the time to talk to you and always answers any questions you may have about your oral health. He is also an artist and perfectionist with the way your tooth or teeth look after a procedure. I know this from personal experience when I had a veneer pop off. He actually sent it ​​​​​​​back to the dental lab because the new veneer(to be placed towards the back of my mouth) was not the exact color match that he requested. He could have put on the veneer and I would never have been the wiser. This really speaks to his character. He is my dentist for life….. Linda and the rest of the staff are top notch as well. Linda always will tell you how much a procedure will cost before you have it done and that is the price it will be.

Marvin Basch

“I would trust Dr. Pottorff and his staff with my dental care anytime. They are very good and certainly caring. They know how to help patients relax and are willing to take the time to answer all questions.

Julie Fenner

“It was an emergency appointment since my regular dentist was out of town. The staff was very professional and friendly and Dr. Pottorff has a personality that immediately puts you at ease. Very down to earth and took time to explain treatment options in detail. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Vikram Reddy

“Excellent experience both at the office and follow up on my progress, I would recommend Dr Pottorff as a seasoned professional in his field. Great staff and an overall painless procedure, any future work of this nature I would entrust to this office.

Rob Bedi

“The best dental work I’ve ever had by Dr. Pottorff, and great staff.

Trinity Levenson

“I recently completed my implant with Dr. Pottorff. After removing my upper tooth which had roots entering my sinus cavities, he had to grow new bone prior to implanting. Since completion, all has gone well. The entire process was very professional and painless. Dr. and his staff were all caring throughout the process.

 Raymond Jorns

“Dr. Pottorff goes way beyond the level of patient care that I expected. Not enough that he has installed three painless implants, but he and his staff have provided caring and thorough follow up. The entire office is open to and available for any questions, concerns, and advice. I feel safe, protected and very well cared for. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Advanced Dental and Implant Care.

Eva Bee

“Dr. Pottorff and his professional team are fantastic!

My dentist referred me to Dr. Pottorff when it was determined that I needed to have a tooth removed and we decided a dental implant was the only way to go. Further, my procedure was going to involve a more complicated sinus augmentation. Dr. Pottorff explained the entire procedure with me and his staff worked with me on the financial side of the process. When choosing to have an implant it is extremely important to work with a doctor who has solid experience and Dr. Pottorff proved that to me every step of the way. Receiving a dental implant is a gradual process that despite what you see on television commercials does not come together after one appointment. When I had successfully completed my treatment, I was confident that I had made the right choice working with Dr. Pottorff.

Karen D.

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